Get Booty (16 weeks)

Get Booty (16 weeks)

16 Week program

Get Booty utilizes tried and tested hypertrophy techniques to help you get that instagram ready booty you’re looking for. Don’t get stuck in the same routine with the 16 week Get Booty program you will see a variety of bodybuilding techniques to shock your booty into growth. Ladies need upper body strength too! Whilst the focus of the program is developing them glutes you can expect to see results in your upper body strength as well. It is highly recommended that you pair this program with a nutrition plan. Don’t put all the hard work in at the gym only to then fail in the kitchen!


Note: It is recommended that you cycle through all of these programs if you want to see the best results. It is important to train all 3 energy systems in order to adhere to proper periodization principle.

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