Online Coaching

Online coaching is an area that I've put a huge amount of focus on developing a service that is second to none. When you invest in online coaching you invest in having a coach that is passionate, attentive and ready to fight your corner. Someone who is there to guide you and support you through the ups and downs of your fitness journey. I've based my coaching service around the 4 pillars below. 

1: Accountability

One of the best parts about having an online coach is having someone to hold you accountable. I have systems in place to make sure you never fall off track for too long. We keep in touch on a daily basis with check-in emails and access to me every day via text message to ask questions and for support. We also checkin face to face using video messaging once a week. Nutrition, sleep, stress levels and workout volume is all carefully tracked allowing us to make informed decisions about your training 

2: Education

This is the part of my online coaching that I am most proud of. I believe that education is the key to adherence. When a client understands a concept it becomes much easier to implement strategies for success. I am in contact with my clients multiple times over the week to send them articles, podcasts, books or videos that I think will help them and enducate them in the fields that they are most interested in. There is a wealth of incredible resources out there, I'll help you find the most quality contnet to supplement your leaning experience. My objective for all of my clients is that they never have to hire another coach ever again. When finishing with me they will have the knowledge to implement the habits and skills they have learned and continue to see progress. 

3: Bespoke

I don't beleive in cut and paste programs. Every program you recive will be specific to your goals and needs. We do a full physical assessment at the start to assess your mobility and staibility and make sure we address any issues seen here first. This keeps you safe while maximizing your performance. You will also recieve detailed video analysis of your movements in the gym including voice overs and annotations to make sure that you are lifting with good form and optimizing performance. 

4: Be Seen

All too often I see clients let down by online coaches. They take your money and then you barely him from them. That will not be the case with me. Youll be in contact with me nearly every single day in some capacity. I want to know how your doing, I want to hear about your successes and your struggles. My focus is on you 110%. 

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