Born and raised in London, England. I have been a fitness coach since 2013. 

My training ideologies are based on strength training using key compound barbell movements. I place a large focus on nutrition, working with clients to build training and nutrition habits that will last a lifetime. 

Working with me  I can promise you acquisition of skills. Skills that will keep you safe in the weight room, alleviate chronic pain, and enhance your longevity and quality of life. Not to mention increases in muscle mass, fat loss and energy. 

Outside of the gym I work with you closely on how to fuel your body. No meal plans issued. Instead we gradually change your nutrition over time, breaking it down and building habits. 

My ambition for all my clients is that once our time together comes to an end you will have the skills and the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle forever. 


  • Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS) Level 1

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 

  • Pre Scrip Level 1

  • CanFitPro - Personal Training Specialist

  • Darby Training Systems - Facial Mobility Training 

  • Darby Training Systems - Weightlifting For Runners

  • NCCP Olympic Weightlifting - Trained

  • Alert First Aid and CPR - Level C

  • Darby Training Systems - Hypertrophy Fundamentals 

  • Darby Training Systems - Lean Body Coach 





Ready to get started towards your fitness goals? 

Shoot me a DM on Instagram: Email:

Gym: 613 Lift

80 Jamie Avenue, Nepean, Ottawa, Ontario,



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